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 ** PICTURE DAY - TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3rd @ 3:30pm **

Picture order envelopes will be passed out on Monday, October 2nd.  

- Pictures will be taken in our Home jerseys. BLUE for Varsity & Freshman. BLACK for JV. 

- Jerseys MUST be clean and complete including Shoulder Pads and Cleats. 

- If a player shows up with a dirty uniform, they will not be allowed in the team picture.

You can see all the available packages and the instructions for completing your order below.

This year you have a choice of four picture packages along with three bonus options. 

Please make checks payable to YARY PHOTOGRAPHY. 

If you are on the JV and VARSITY Teams and would like to order pictures for both squads, please complete and have your player bring TWO separate order envelopes for each squad on Tuesday.   If you only want the Varsity set of pictures...only complete and return one envelope. 


Please see options shown above for all 8 packages.  

Here is option #4 (missing section in picture)

Cost $50

1 - 11x14 Framed Picture

1 - 8x10 Individual

4 - 5x7 Individuals

8- 2x3 Wallets