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Public high school football funding reality


Public high school football programs face the difficult reality that they are expensive to operate and receive minimal financial support from schools, districts, counties or states.


In addition, a season of high school football requires hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of volunteer help.


Publicly available figures for football program budgets can range from $250,000-$400,000 and only 10-20% of those amounts typically come from public funds, with the rest needing to be provided by football families and the community.  Funds are used for everything from coaches’ minimal stipends to uniforms, helmets and pads, practice equipment, food and much more.


While it is a substantial burden to bear, three different avenues of fundraising are available to all football families and a variety of volunteer opportunities exist as well.  Our boys need financial and volunteer support from each and every one of our families.




12th Man Booster Club tiers and benefits

The 12th Man Booster club aggregates and raises family and community funds for the Dana Hills football program.    


The four channels of fundraising for families are:


  • Direct family contributions
  • Dolphin Discount Card purchases/sales
  • Email fundraising campaign
  • Sponsorships


Direct family contributions are managed through the website here.  Please click through to the contribution page and contribute as you can.  There are one-time and monthly options available.


The Dolphin Discount Card program is new for football this year.  We have struck an arrangement with the Dana Hills basketball program.  They have developed a discount card program which provides great discounts and deals at about 30 local locations, including some of the most frequented in our community.


These cards can be purchased for $10 each.  We ask that each family purchase at least 10 of the cards.  You are then free to keep them, give them as gifts to friends, family, teachers, business relationships, etc., or sell them yourselves for $10.  Football does pay a fee to basketball so this is not as pure a contribution as the other methods, but it’s an excellent option as a part of the fundraising program.  These cards are expected to be available in August and are good until the following August.


The email fundraising campaign allows each family to simply and easily communicate with friends, family and others in your network to request support of your boys football experience.  The campaign is managed by a third party and is explained and rolled out to the players and families in the summer


Sponsorships can be obtained from businesses in, or outside, the community, or purchased as a personal/family recognition.  Families are encouraged to contact businesses, and especially business owners, they know and seek to sell them sponsorships.  Sponsorship collateral, including packages and pricing, is available here.  You can also contact the 12th Man Director of Fundraising George Craven ( or 949.280.5506) for more information or assistance in selling/closing sponsorships.


The football program asks that each football family contributes at least $950 through some combination of the fundraising methods cited above.  Sponsorships will be attributed to a football family even if the Director of Fundraising, or others, assist in closing the sale.




The second pillar of support from our families is volunteering.  There are dozens of roles that are needed and every parent has skills that can be used to better the program and/or ensure it’s effective operation.


Many, but not all, of the volunteering needs and opportunities can be found here.  Please click through and sign up for as many roles as you are willing.


The volunteer form seeks to identify skills, experience and interest, in the hopes of more efficiently applying the time and effort of our football families.  Please take a few minutes to complete the form and email it to the 12th Man Club ( or hand it to a 12th Man board member.


By participating in the variety of opportunities to provide financial and volunteer support to program, our football family community can ensure a better football experience for our boys.


Thank you.