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Public High School Football Funding Reality:

Public high school football programs face the difficult reality that they are expensive to operate and receive minimal financial support from schools, districts, counties or states.

In addition, a season of high school football requires hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of volunteer help.

Publicly available figures for football program budgets can range from $75,000-$400,000 and only 10-20% of those amounts typically come from public funds, with the rest needing to be provided by football families and the community.  Funds are used for everything from coaches’ minimal stipends to uniforms, helmets and pads, practice equipment, food and much more.

While it is a substantial burden to bear, there are several different avenues of fundraising available to all football families and a variety of volunteer opportunities exist as well.  Our players need financial and volunteer support from each and every one of our families.

Fundraising Opportunities:

Family/Friends Email Fundraiser- Provide email list to solicit donations from family and friends. Coaches arrange this fundraiser with players collecting and inputting email addresses

Banner Fundraiser- Players and/or family members reach out to businesses for advertisement opportunities through placement of a banner in the stadium throughout the season.

Raffle Tickets- Players will sell raffle tickets for the last home game of the season. Each player should sell at least $200 worth of tickets. Players are encouraged to sell as many as they can and can also use the Raffle fundraiser to meet the suggested player contribution of $950.00

Sponsorships-Players can solicit local businesses for direct donations to Dolphin Football Program. 

Direct Family Contributions: Suggested $950.00 PLEASE Click hereThere are one-time and monthly options available.


The Dolphin Football Program cannot operate without the endless volunteer hours our parents contribute to the program. Please join in and help support the program! Many, but not all, of the volunteering needs and opportunities can be found here.  


Frosh/Soph Parents: 

  • Responsible for running the snack bar at Varsity Home Games. We only have 4 home games this year, so please plan to sign up for 2 slots on the Snack Bar Help sign up. 
  • Provide food/snacks for Frosh/Soph players
  • Field Crew
  • Coordinator Positions
  • Jersey Night
  • Frosh/Soph Banquet

Varsity Parents: Please consider volunteering for:

  • Coordinator Position
  • Pregame Meals
  • Field Crew

Sophomore/Junior Parents:(So Senior parents can enjoy these final events of their players senior year) 

  • Jersey Night
  • Senior Night
  • Varsity Banquet

Senior Parents: Put your expertise to use and volunteer for any and all opportunities. 

  • Pregame Meals
  • Field Crew
  • Coordinator Position